Shared Warehousing



  • Reduce Costs – the biggest benefit to shared space is cost reduction and the elimination of many FIXED COSTS. You pay for only the space, equipment and labor necessary to run your business and you share many of the expenses with other Coast Warehouse clients.
  • Variable term and space requirements
  • Variable labor costs
  • Variable equipment and maintenance costs



  • Warehouse Management Systems and Technology. State of the art warehouse technology including Da Vinci Warehouse Management Solutions.
  • Reduce startup time and expense using tested and proven technology that has already been implemented
  • Web-based and portable for fast and effective implementation
  • Best in class customer support. Our highly trained staff can assist you, your vendors and your clients on day one.
  • Reporting and visibility to inventory and orders 24/7/365



Coast Warehouse is a co-employer along with Barrett Business Solutions (BBSI website): BBSI handles all of our "Payroll, workers’ compensation, Human Resources and business consulting services designed to help you and your business prosper." At Coast, we believe our people are our greatest asset. 





  • Coast Warehouse, CPS EXPRESS and COAST 3PL combine to offer our clients an integrated supply chain solution. Often picking, packing and shipping your orders is just the beginning. By combining our services, we give our clients a single-source solution that allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
    • Improved carrier cost and communication
      • Web-based transportation management software solutions
      • Asset and Non-asset based transportation solutions
    • Single source solutions to meet all of your transportation and warehousing needs. Coast can help control the process from start to finish ensuring fewer mistakes and immediate responsiveness. 

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